Tajweed Quran - مصحف التجوید App Reviews

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Barakallahou fikoum

Très bonne application mon mashaf est le même à la maison. Petit bug lorsque je veux ajouter un bookmark. The app is stuck whenever i try to add a new tag for the bookmark it let me write the new name and im stuck cant go back or through.

Problème audio

Assalamou alaykoum There is a problem for downloading audios. It said that downloads have succeeded but it is to fast and when i play it doesnt work. Please fix this bug.

Erreur sourate 76

There Is a mistake, it´s not sourate 76 ad Dhar but sourate al insane!! Change it quickly please ! And please add some recitator as Saad al ghamidi or Ali al hudaifi jazzakoumoullahou kheir Even if there are those mistakes it´s a really good application :)


Salaam this is the must, the best Quran app i ever see, jazakaAllahou hairan. I encourage you to continue inchaAllah

Écriture trop tassée verticalement.

Lécriture est très tassée verticalement. Writing is too packed vertically and requires rectification. Thank you.

A great application

Assalem waleykoum This application is very interesting for learning Quran. Elhamdoulillah

Machallah, the best to learn...

Very good...


Very useful application I just hope that a french translation will be available soon

Good tajweed quran but...

I have paid this app twice and that is not halal

Most best Quran APP

Most best Quran APP. Please make also translation for Germany Thank you

The Best App i have

Maa Schaa ALLAH


Alsamoalikom, The current version looks very fantastic by all those options you added and the tafseer etc.. but in my opnion there are two things are not good like the older version 2.7.0 : 1- In this current version the scanned pages are not as clear as the older one specially at the the page edges 2- one can not zoom in the page, I could do that in the older version 2.7.0 Gazakom Allah Kheir

JazakumAllah Kol Khair

MashaAllah, absolutely amazing app. In an age of technological drift from the most important element of our existence, our Imaan, its hard to find something this genuine, pure and beneficial. May Allah reward the developers greatly for this, my absolutely favorite app and no surprise as to why as a Muslim living in Canada using an iPhone. My one suggestion is to add two very credible and well-vocalized reciters: Sheikh Mishary Rashid Al-Afasy and Sheikh Tawfeeq Al-Sayegh, both of which are two of my favorite reciters and if you give them a listen youll know why. Again, JazakumAllah kol khair, please consider my suggestions and I hope all Muslims and curious minds benefit from this app like I joyfully am now. Assalamu alaikum Wa RahmatullAhi Wa Barakatuh.

Simply amazing App

Jazakom Allah khairun for the hard work and please keep it up.


This app has helped me tremendously throughout my journey as a new convert to Islam alhumdullileh. The translation is very clear and precise and I have had no technical problems with it. Inshallah you will have more reviews that will benefit the users of this app.

additional features plz

As-Salamu-wa-Alaikum-wa-Rahmatullahi-wa-Barkatuhu, my name is Suleiman and Im a revert as of last year January 31 (2013), Id like to know in the near future if it would be possible to have some features such as: word by word meaning, transliteration/pronounciation, and glossaries/indexes...JazakAllah Khairan, Salamu-Alaikum...


Mashallah this is an amazing app!

The only Quran app that you will ever need

Mashallah great work. May Allah reward the team. Keep it up


Very good job Amazing and extremely well done very useful. Sincerely happy with it

ما شاء الله great app

This app is pretty amazing it has a repeat option up to 50 time I think. You also have the ability to group ayat together while in repeat and it has a pretty awesome bookmark too. My only complaint is that this app only has one English translation to choose from. It would be great to see Yusuf Ali, Muhsin khan ect. If not for that I would have given

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