Tajweed Quran - مصحف التجوید التعليقات التطبيق

Très bien

جزاك الله خيرا

جازاك الله خبرا

ما شاء الله تمنيت لو كان المصحف برواية ورش

المحف الجود

ما شاء الله عمل فوق الممتاز و جزاكم الله خيرا عنه. كم نحن المسلمين محتاجون لهذا الصحف المجود. جعله الله فى ميزان حسنات كل من ساهم فى هذا العمل القدير


جازاكم الله الخير على هذا العمل


هذا البرنامج ممتاز في رأيي، أنصحه لكل واحد الذي يحتاج إلي تحفيظ القرآر الكريم، و بارك الله فيكم، آمين!

أحسن طريقة لحفظ وتجويد القران الكريم

جزاكم الله عنى كل خير مجهود عظيم وإنشاء الله يستفيد منه كل من يحتاج الى مساعدة في الحفظ خاصة الناس المقيمين في الدول الغير إسلامية حيث يصعب عليهم الحفظ لعدم وجود الشيوخ

Best App for Quran Majeed

I love that it is the same as my misri Quran. This allows me to do tilawat and hifz no matter where I am. Jazakallah khairokum. Shehrullah Mubarak.

Great app issue with latest update

The app is great app, they need an iPhone X update. Just an update still no iPhone X support and developer does not respond to emails

Great app

Jazakallahu kheiron. May Allah reward you for making it free for everyone

Absolutely a God sent

Alhamdulilah that Allah blessed us with this App. My kids (ages 7 and 9) read from the exact same color coded Quran Mushaf and this App helps us a lot when we are in the car and during long drives. JizakAllah Khair! May Allah bless the entire team who helped to put this App together and available to us all!

Great App

This is the Excellent App to Learn the Holy Quran

Iphone X compatibility

Love this app, waiting for IPhone X compatibility

Very good but page 247

Dear App Designers and Programmers, Thanks for this great app but page 247 is distorted. Please fix it. I tried to download it a few times and each time it comes as distorted.

Glory Be To The Almighty Allah

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته الحمد لله رب العالمين This new improvement is beautiful and I enjoy it very much. Thank you to the developer and I really appreciate it. New reciters and the it really looks clear and pleasing to the eye و سلام عليكم و رحمت الله

Very good app.

I love this app. One of the best! But it’s only missing on feature and that is allowing you to control the speed of reciter.

Must have App!!!

One of my best app that I can not abandon. Thanks

Landscape mode issue after iOS 11.0.3 update

Landscape mode is not working after iOS 11.0.3 update . Please fix it or let us know if we have to make any changes to get it working. Love this app JazakAllah

Great app


Best I have seen so far.

Not perfect but pretty darn good. Some audio files are not great for some reciters but I wouldn't let that stop you from getting the app.


This is one of the few Quran apps I truly trust & depend on. I don't buy many apps, but this is completely worth every penny. You will not regret buying it. It is very useful & it provides so many different features. It is amazing and I absolutely love it.

Excellent features

Alhamdulillah for the apps development & for future enchancement with other languages such as Malay translation.


Simply the best Quran app for iphone and ipad. A must-have for any muslim who wants to remain connected to the Word of Allah. Also a great gift for friends, siblings, children etc. A great way to collect hassanates as a sadaqa jariya :-)

5 Stars for sure...

Love this Quran app... The only thing missing is English commentary.

It is very helpful app. I love it.

I love this app. It is very helpful for beginners and experienced Quran readers. I recommend it for all.


This app is amazing! It makes reading Quran simpler and easier to learn the tajweed. I highly recommend this to everybody

Recently got

So far so good. I like the fact that I can read the quran with prosper tajweed. This coming from a non Arabic speaker. The only thing in improvement I think is needed is the ability to bookmark a particular ayah and not the entire page only. Other then that, good job and keep it up please.

Jazakallahu Khairan

Mashaa Allah. Lovely App.

Great app

This app help me when I was memorizing the Quran .

Exceptional and amazing app!

May Allah reward the people who worked on making this app. It helps tremendously for people who are memorizing the Quran. I love all the features but the best is where I can mark on the page where I need to.

Best Quran app overall!

Love the app! Only use this app when actual Quran not available. Love all the features and use it on a daily basis!

I love this app!

Mashallah! I love this app! There is (almost) all what I need. It is very helpful for my daughter and I to memorize and review Quran. May Allah reward you for offering us such an amazing app for a little cost.

Great App

I love it

Best Tajweed Quean app

I find it to be the best tajweed quran available on App store .. With rich features and options like search , bookmark , notes , translation , recitation ,share and more . I have just started learning tajweed and this color coded version helps me tremendously .Jzk for an app like this !


If you are looking for a Quranic app that will help you with tajweed, memorization and has many choices for reciters, then look no further.


What an exellent way presenting Quran. Thank You very much for all effort. Alhamdulillah.

This is the best App

I have tried many quran apps all has different good things it it but this one has all the goodies in it. This one is best! Needs one thing tho: aayat searching capabilities!

Satisfied for years

Alhamdulillaah, have been using this app for years and have continued to enjoy and benefit from it.

Very helpful app

Alhamdulillaah, this application is excellent for daily usage. Looking forward to continued use.

As a user for almost 3 years

I have been using this app for few years, always up to my expectations, you really get what you pay for, I just use the app to recite, the text is the sharpest text I have seen in app store. I am also using the iPad version I like the idea that I can save the bookmarks in the cloud


Great application. May Allah rewards you aljannah for this great effort.


Great app. JazakumAllah kheir to those who made it and continue to support it.

I wish if there's more than 5 star

Masha Allah Tabarak Allah the best app ever , may Allah accept your great dead , it's really help me a lot in all side ( reading daily, memories, correct my taqweed .... ) I really love this app I feel like I hold my musahaf on my hand where / when ever I go & became my best friend! And every update became better... Whatever I said it will not be enough ... Jazskom Allah kheir aljaza

Mushaf style/format

Love to see such an app, that helps in capturing photographic memory. It's only app that matches with mushaf and helps very much in memorization Double thumbs up!!!!

Tajweed Quran

Great absolutely perfect tajweed quran app. Thank you !

Awesome App MashaAllah

I have been using this app since it first version, and with much improvement, it is my favorite for Quran review.


Jazakoum Allah for this work


This app has helped me memorize the Quran and has brought me closer to Allah.


Excellent . May Allah reward you for the tireless effort. Beautiful cover & pages befitting the words of Allah.


This is the best app. Jazzakkuma laah.

Taj Quran

This app offers everything that a muslim needs when reading or reciting the noble Quran and applying tajweed. I encourage ever muslim or those who wants to recite the noble Quran properly please do not pass on this app. The cost is less than any lunch meal that we buy. May Allah (SWT) guides us all.

Must-Have App

Amazing app all around mA. Must-have for someone looking to stay productive on their phone. Only suggestion to the programmers is to make switching between bookmark categories easier and more streamlined iA. May Allah reward everyone involved with the app! Amen :)

Great Qur'an Apps! (Ma shaa Allah)

I've using this apps for 2-3 years, it helps me a lot to learn the correct pronunciation while memorizing any chapter or verses. The only suggestion I may say, can it be possible to make a copy and paste with the quranic text (not the translation)? This helps us to copy any verses and paste a the work, lets say i am preparing a topic for lectures or presentations. This helps a lot rather than opening other browsers to get verses in arabic texts. The rest of this apps is real awesome.... Jazak'Allahu Khayiran yah ikhwan. اليلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاة

My beautiful e-Quran

Really I love this Quran application, it is very easy to know some Tajwid rule inside it.

A great improvement

جزاكم الله خير. بعض الملاحظات Bookmark doesn't work good. I keep losing my bookmarks. This only happened with the last update. It will be great if we can make a play list so we can hear to certain Suras. السلام عليكم

My go to Quran app

I like to use this app since it helps me with my tajweed, but I also use it for helping my kids memorize since I can do repeating loops of single ayahs or groups of ayahs. I also like the large number of reciters available in the paid version. I use this app to play Quran a lot in the car and around the house. I wish there was a more intuitive way of bookmarking ayahs if you're not Arabic speaking but you want to mark an ayah and maintain a list of them.

Love it!

Simply amazing and the best I have ever used. Tried others but nothing comes close. Use it everyday for recitation and memorization - couldn't be happier!

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